Blueberry Muffin with Lemon Glaze
Apple Blossom
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Who Are We?

We specialize in delicious, gourmet baked goods and fresh locally-roasted direct-trade coffee. We produce small batches of artisan baked goods on-site every day and our menu changes throughout the day based on availability of fresh, high-quality ingredients.

What Makes Us Different?

While some bakeries focus on "cute", our focus is on quality, taste, and texture. Our goal is to make the most delicious baked items you've ever tasted. Our recipes are designed to be the best, which is something large volume bakeries simply can't do. Since we don't use preservatives or shortcuts of any kind, we continually bake small batches throughout the day to ensure our items are fresh and delectable. Nothing pleases us more than hearing a customer say, "wow! That's the most amazing ________ I've ever had!"

We also appreciate the importance of high quality drinks to go with our fantastic baked goods. That's why we work with a local-roaster for fresh roasted direct-trade coffee. Is "farm-to-cup" a thing? You bet it is. But does it make a difference in taste? Absolutely. Coffee beans are to coffee as grapes are to wine. The amount of sun, rain, quality of soil and speed of transport all make a huge impact on the outcome of the coffee bean. Beans from different farms must be carefully roasted just the right amount to bring out their natural qualities, then different beans are blended together for the perfect cup of coffee. Roasted coffee beans peak within two weeks. Our local roaster gets the beans directly from farmers, ensuring the best coffee possible. Stop by to ask about our current blends.

Want something cold and creamy? Our freshly made Caramel-mocha Cooler is a made-to-order blended espresso drink made with soft ice to make it extra creamy. Don't like coffee? Try one of our amazing chai tea lattes. Not into teas? Try our totally custom hot chocolate with your choice of white or dark chocolate, steamed or scalded milk, topped with a giant homemade marshmallow or whipped cream. Want something cool and refreshing? Try one of our fresh Italian (cream) sodas made with all-natural Monin syrup.

Catering services and smaller sizes of items for large orders are available.

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